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Pratt Burnerd Power Chucks

Pratt Burnerd Power Chucks

Pratt Burnerd is the pinnacle of high precision, quality manual and power work holding chucks suitable for any machining solutions. The 600 Group acquired Pratt Burnerd International in the 1980s stimulating their existing  international reputation for design, manufacture and distribution of the best manual and power chucking systems available in the industry.


Here at 600 Machine Tools, we possess the capability and expertise to supply large specialised chucks designed to your specific machining requirements up to 1500mm (60″) in diameter. 


We provide an extensive range of multi jaw manual chucks manufactured from the highest quality materials available.


Pratt Burnerd Product Range:


  • Standard Accuracy Chucks

These chucks have bodies manufactured from high rigidity SG iron with components manufactured from powerful alloy steel and heat treated for optimum performance and durability.


  • Super Precision Chucks

These Pratt Burnerd Chucks comprise of repeatability of 0.3mm with TIR guaranteed. They are useful for a wide range of chuck adaptors to meet most spindle noses. There are also hardened base and reversible top jaws available as options.


  • Griptru Chucks

These types of chucks are generally used for grinding applications with the 6 Jaw Griptru providing the ability to grip thin-walled components with minum distortion.


  • Metric Independent Chucks

Manufactured from SG iron and is considered the most economical chuck for turning one-off components and short runs. All the screws, reversible jaws and bearings are manufactured from steel.


  • Large 3 Jaw Scroll Chucks

Are supplied with recess amount or finished to suit a wide range of spindle noses and are also provided with a large bore. Options for hardened based and reversible top jaws and bearings are manufactured from steel.


  • Large Independent 4 Jaw Chucks

These chucks encompass body, bearings and screws manufactured from high-quality steels, with the ability to machine holes and recesses to suit the spindle nose.


All of our Pratt Burnerd independent and scroll chucks can be supplied with extra additions and options upon request, for example; a larger through bore useful for large machining components generally for gas and oil applications. 


For more information regarding any of our Pratt Burnerd Chucks contact us today and our engineers and technicians are readily available to assist any enquiry you may have.


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