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Mega H-330A-GA

Mega H-330A-GA

Double Collumn Heavy Duty Automatic Bandsaws


The MEGA range of bandsaws are available in a range of models and specifications. Here at 600, we are able to supply most MEGA models. Browse the entire MEGA brochure to discover the wide range of machine applications supplied by this pretigious brands.


Standard Equipment



1. Tools with tool box1 set
2. 2M(7 FT) Long roller table with vertical roller guides1 set
3. Band-Cleaning wire brush1 pc
4. Bandsaw blade1 pc
5. Hydraulic blade tension1 set
6. Automatic chip conveyor1 set
7. Instruction manual and parts list1 copy
Cutting Capacity ●330mm  █ 350mmW x 330mmH
Bundle Cutting  250mmW x 175mmH
Blade size 34mmW x 1.1mmt x 3920mmL
Blade Speed 25,32,42,55,70,80 
Variable Speed 20-80 (Opt.)
Motor Output Blade 5HP ; Hyd. 1HP; Coolant 1 / 8HP


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