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Harrison Alpha 1550XC

Harrison Alpha 1550XC

The best-selling Alpha 1550XC manual / CNC lathe just got even better with the addition of full c-axis, allied to a large working envelope - the Harrison Alpha 1550XC.


The Alpha 1550XC gives operators the extra option of a full range of milling, drilling and tapping functions, on a large flat-bed lathe that can be carried out as simply and easily as any other Alpha lathe. 


The addition of C-axis reduces the need for second operation production for one-offs and small batch components, whilst retaining the operational simplicity that makes the Alpha range the leading choice worldwide.

Swing over Bed (mm) 554
Distance Between Centres (mm) 2000 / 3000
Spindle Bore (mm) 104
Turret 8 Station VDi 40, 4 driven stations
Spindle Speeds (rpm) 1-2000
C-Axis Yes


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