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Colchester Triumph 2000

Colchester Triumph 2000

The Colchester Triumph 2000 geared headstock centre lathe is designed and manufactured to the world’s most demanding safety standards!


Our VS manual lathes produce outstanding results not least due to their infinitely variable spindle speed feature. The standard ACURITE CSS DRO allows exactly the right speed for every job so tools
perform better, cycle times are optimised and quality improves. Our entire range gives you exceptional ease of use and an extensive range of choices for optional and ancillary equipment guaranteeing top of the range performance even for the most complex and challenging jobs.


With our investment in modern machine tool manufacturing technology, plant and assembly techniques, coupled with the latest quality-driven methodology and business practices, Colchester & Harrison are able to provide the same traditional solution to customers as yesteryear. However, today, customers have the additional benefit of a machine tool building company driven by the ambition of a ‘world-class’ strategy.


The Triumph 2000 weighs approximately 1200kg with 30 inch capacity. It has been designed with the notions of usability and functionality with easy to use and grouped electrical controls with a running warning light


Standard Features:

  • Fully Geared Headstock with 16 spindle speeds 25 – 2000 RPM in geometric progression.
  • High Precision Spindle Bearings.
  • Multi-plate forward and reverse Matrix clutches


Standard Equipment:

  • Safety Interlocked Chuck Guard
  • Covered lead screw guard
  • Lockable Isolator Switch
  • Electric Coolant Pump, Tank, and Fittings
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • End Guard Limit Switch
  • Splash Guard
  • One-Shot Slideway Lubrication System
  • Pull Out Swarf Bin
  • Thread Indicator Dial

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