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Clausing Surface Grinders

Clausing Surface Grinders

The best high performance Clausing surface grinders available in manual, automatic and hydraulics.



High precision cartridge type spindle is supported by 2 preloaded precision angular contact ball bearings and one NN type roller bearing and driven by V3 class motor that allows for highly accurate performance.


The machines are constructed of high grade cast iron with heavy walls & reinforced ribs to provide excellent rigidity and dampening.


Automatic lubrication system is supplied as standard to ensure efficient lubrication to lead screws and guideways for greater longevity.



These Clausing Surface Grinders have a high diameter spindle supported by four preloaded prevision angular contact ball bearings & one NU type roller bearing for durable and heavy duty operations.


Has a built in type (hidden) proximity switch for easy operation.

Preset table hydraulic table speed control allows operator to pre set speed rate, enables you to have the same speed rate when engaging hydraulic table every time.



On ASDIII models, you can set the vertical zero point, start point, finish grinding volume, target point and the grinding wheel rise up point.

The machine features a simple and clear digital display and touch control panel for easy learning and operation.


Cross transverse travel powered by DC servo motor, allows step feed and continuous in feed grinding.

Table Size 152 x 460 mm (Min) 406 x 1020 mm (Max)
Grinding Length 1020 mm Max.
Grinding Width 410 mm Max
Spindle Power 1.5 kW (Min) 5.5 kW (Max)


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