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Clausing Radial Drill

Clausing Radial Drill

Clausing Radial Drills are manufactured from precision heavy-duty and large capacity materials. Clausing currently occupies multiple Radial Drills in their range.


These Radial Drills are high specification, heavy-duty and have embedded additional features for enhanced performance for any toolroom or job shop requirements.


  • Drilling Capacity up to 3.15″ in Steel / 3.94″ in Cast Iron
  • Tapping Capacity up to 2.56″ in Steel / 2.95″ in Cast Iron


These precision drills allow for drilling and boring capabilities in small to large scale holes in large oversize work pieces. The design of the drill allows the spindle head the ability to move along the length of the arm with the arm height able to be adjusted and rotated accordingly. This allows for precise drilling functions along many angles.


These Radial Drills are equipped with CE Electrics, Spindle Guard with Limit Switch, Lockable Disconnect and Safety Door.


  • High-speed gears are made of Nickel-Chrome Steel and are heat-treated and ground for durability
  • Powerful 2 Hp spindle drive motor for heavy-duty cutting
  • Equipped with a separate hydraulic clamping unit
  • The vertical movement of the arm with an 890mm spindle travel, is co-ordinated by an IC timer
  • With a single touch of the ‘on’ button, you can have the arm unclamped, moved vertically, or stop and automatically clamp
  • The powerful 5Hp, dual speed spindle performs drilling capacity to 60mm in cast iron, 50mm in steel.


Available in a range of models and specifications including;


  • CL720A
  • CL820A
  • CL920A
  • CL1100
  • CL1230H
  • CLC1250H
  • CLC1600H
  • CL1600H
  • CL2000H
  • CL2500


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Drilling Capacity - Steel / Cast Iron 32 / 50 mm (Min) 80 / 100 mm (Max)
Tapping Capacity - Steel / Cast Iron 25 / 32 mm (Min) 65 / 75 mm (Max)
Spindle Taper 4 MT (Min) 5MT (Max)
Spindle Power 1.5 kW (Min) 7.5kW (Max)


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