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Clausing Multiple Spindle Drill Press

Clausing Multiple Spindle Drill Press

Clausing multiple spindle drills can be custom built with up to four 20” heads. When ordering a multiple spindle drill press use the table model number below, plus the appropriate head and column assemblies for the corresponding number of heads.


Mix and match any number of drill heads as your requirements demand. Example: If you wish to have a 3 spindle drill press with three-20” heads you would order (1) 20-503 table assembly and (3) 2286-300 20” head assemblies.


Tell us the order to mount the heads and you have the 3-spindle drill you require. If you have a special request, contact us for a quotation. *Special orders priced on application.

Capacity Manual Hand Feed 1.25” diameter
Capacity Power Feed

1” in Cast Iron

3/4” Mild Steel

Drill to Center of Circle 18-1/2”
Spindle Nose 3 MT
Spindle Travel 6.5”
Column 4” Diameter Ground Steel, 3/8” Thick Wall


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