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Harrison Alpha 2800XS

Harrison Alpha 2800XS

This machine is the largest within the Alpha range. Capacity between centres of up to 4000mm. Spindle bore of upto 170mm. Manual guide I conversational programming is standard for fully automatic turning. Whilst the machine is operating in Manual Guide I the Alpha’s Fanuc OiTD is creating a  CNC program in the background this means the conversion from conversational to CNC mode is instant.


The Harrison Alpha 2800XS weighs over 7 tonnes, with 26 Kw (35hp) of power. It occupies an all cast iron construction, the latest Fanuc control and flexibility of the Alphalink and ISO programming systems. This machine is perfect for applications in the Oil Industry, Defence, Aerospace and Heavy Duty Industries.


The Harrison Alpha 2800XS was designed to accept large diameter components. It has a swing over bed of 800mm/1000mm, a swing in gap of 1100/1300mm, through spindle bore of up to 380mm(15”) and a centre distance of up to 4000mm.


The wide range of productivity enhancements available allow the Alpha 2800XS to be developed to your exact requirements. These options include tool holding equipment, fixed and travelling steady rests, power chuck, auto indexing turrets and power operated tailstock.


For more information regarding mechanical features, additional features and specifications, download the brochure above.

Swing Over Bed 800mm/1000mm
Swing in Gap  1100/1300mm
Spindle Bore 380mm(15”)
Centre Distance 4000mm
Spindle Motor 26kw (35hp)


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